Smoke Sessions Featuring "Matthew Cuban Hernandez"

I have known "Cuban" since he was just a high school kid trying to make a name for himself on the poetry scene.  He wasn't an ordinary run of the mill loud mouth youngster.  Instantly I knew he had something special and his talent would take him somewhere.  He laid down a powerful closing poem to the Simple Complexity album's outro, and soon after I would be back in the studio with him helping him with his first album!  He may have been 17!

Cuban continues to use his gift to not only to touch his audience but the troubled youth too!  He works diligently to help pave a way for those looking to an outlet for their voice!  Working with young men and women in Juvenile Detention Centers, he teaches them to write to help alleviate trapped emotions that may otherwise come out in unproductive formats!  

Although he now lives on the west coast, we make it a point to touch base very time he touches down in Jax!  Luckily he had some free time and I was able to catch up with him this visit and talk about his latest project "Ivanna"!  Check out the first episode of "Smoke Sessions" with Cuban as he breaks down his latest album and the process of making it!

Hip Hop & Hookah got a chance to sit down with Cuban and talk about his newest project "Ivanna" over a hookah and some drinks! Check out the first edition of Smoke Sessions!