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It's been an interesting couple of weeks.

I promise I have been trying to write something for this blog since I got back from the forest two weekends ago. (See Going Off The Grid - Part I). When I got back that Sunday, I felt like I was bursting with experiences to share and update you all on. But upon my return, after having all of five minutes to breathe and collect myself, I had to jump right into work and my regularly scheduled chaos. The following Tuesday, I was blessed by a friend with a ticket to go see and listen to Deepak Chopra speak at The Florida Theatre (another AMAZING experience), and followed that up with my usual Tuesday night at SoundCloud Sessions with our very own Mas Appeal. The Wednesday after that was insane and things spiraled from there. By the time Saturday rolled around, I was happy to finally have some real time off and excited to hit up Beats Brunch and Bubbly with my crew. However, in the midst of getting ready for that, the news of Felicia Nicole's tragic passing broke and there's been a heavy energy slowly spreading through the ether ever since.

I'm blaming a good portion of that heaviness on Mercury Retrograde.


Maybe blame is a strong word (or maybe NOT, because PERSONALLY, the Retrograde and #RetroShade has been fucking with me so hard), but to deny the obvious and tangible shifts that are going on would be ignorant. Those of us that are aware of and sensitive to the subtle energetic shifts that flow like a current through our collective energy fields know that as much as times like this can really suck (like REALLY), there is always a lesson to be learned within the fray.

Besides the typical chaos and confusion that tends to happen in the realms of communication (hello, writer's block), technology (I know MY phone has been acting so crazy), or any sort of plans you THOUGHT you had, Mercury Retrograde has a way of mischievously digging up all of your latent issues - big and small - and forcing you to deal with yourself in relation to them. Things fall apart, sometimes in the most ridiculous fashion, so that not only are you forced to watch in awe, but you're forced to pay attention, really see what's going on, and address it... Or not - but I suggest you do. Mercury doesn't like to be ignored and this Retrograde in Aries is making it even more fiery and demanding than usual. There's an air of "do as I say or get burned" that's proving to be a veritable pain in the ass. Unless, of course, you listen.

This retrograde I've been put in some uncomfortable spots only to find I can navigate them with ease, if I only surrender to the flow. A very close friend told me yesterday, in the midst of another impromptu cry-fest on my part, that I need to "Let Life Happen." And the interesting thing about that is, whenever I DO let go and let Life do it's thing - everything always seems to work out. Maybe not in the way I wanted or expected, but things DO work out one way or another. That has been the overlying theme or lesson for me in this transition. Perfect example: I got myself all worked up about going into the woods to camp for the first time. So much so that other people started to be concerned for me. But I packed my shit, stuck my chin out, braved BOTH of those dirt roads and had one of the BEST weekends of my life. It was EXACTLY what I needed in ways I wasn't even aware of. Had I let my fear get the best of me, I wouldn't have had such a wonderful experience and been changed forever.

It all boils down to experience and letting go. Letting go of what we think life SHOULD be or is SUPPOSED to be. Letting go of attachment to our ideas and comfort zones. Letting go of the notion that we are totally in control of this life experience. The only thing we can ever control is how we react or respond to the events, puzzles, problems, and tragedies that life brings us. I, myself, have had some hard pills to swallow in the past couple of weeks, but I'm better off for it. Every single time that Life decided to karate chop me in the throat recently, it granted me almost immediately with a beautiful experience to cherish, grow or learn from. Whether it was the amazing conversations and re-connections that happened in the wake of losing Felicia; the outpouring of love and support that came from reaching the darkest place I've gotten to in my mind in a LONG time; or the many, many, many wonderful hugs and displays of support that have come my way to help dry the tears that just didn't seem to want to stop flowing, Life has been growing me. And hopefully Life has been growing you too. So I encourage you to let go and Let Life Happen.

It's all going to be just fine.

· Om Shanti · xx · EnerJi

Please support the family and loved ones of Felicia Nicole by donating here. #SpreadLoveFee

Oh, and here's a special Retrograde Mix. It's a mess. But it's lovely. Just like this transition.

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