The Cloud Sessions Episode 84

I am back!  I apologize for my absence but I have been BUSY BUSY!!  Between DJ gigs I have been working with troubled youth and giving them lessons on how to rap and showing them how writing is an alternative to aggression!  It's been SUPER rewarding and I am blessed to be apart of the program!  Here is last week's show!  This Week's show will be on time, I promise!

So Smoove (feat. Zac Ivie) - EazyNotey
Lullaby - AOTA X BeatmakerKelz
Anti-Natural - Mota
Flowers - Young Citrus x Daehan
Cruisn - Ben Wiley
You - Abrahamblue
Love Song - CrazyJaZz
Your Tempo (Tennyson Remix) - Kasbo
Days Off - Martius Alι
Childhood. xPanda
Still in Training - Arsun F!st
Bob Saget Gets Free Real Estate (w/ The Kount) - Flamingosis
Sweet Time - Raveena
Nanashi (Feat. Stripess & Wufu) - Lege 伝説
in love with u - hvsn w/ 8x
you’re the only one I love - sans
Long Trip - NtrlTaste
Under the Stars (with Sofasound) - Edo Lee 🌾
— Mix Tracks