The Cloud Sessions Episode 80

Thanks for tuning in to another edition of The Cloud Sessions! Super chill episode this week with some incredible production from Pabzzz, L'Indécis, Jerry Folk, Birocratic and so much more! Not a lot of vocals on this episode! A good one to grab a coffee and study or a brew and relax too! Hope you enjoy!

H O M E - Purpoll
Zen - Tane
Like What? (Prod by Pabzzz) - Pabzzz
So Hot in Arizona - Korey Wade
Body Needs Healing - Yazmin Lacey
Passage - L’Indécis
Keikyu Beat (Ft. Phoebe Lee) - Taiyo Ky
Cafe - Pandrezz
Another Night - Jerry Folk
Holy Smokes - Birocratic
Champion Wrist - Mattdeguia
RIP X - SwuM.
Untitled - Eugene Cam
Guidance - Korosu
Carwash - Philanthrope
— Mix Tracks