The Cloud Sessions Episode 71

Thanks for tuning in to another smooth week of chill beats!  This week is a smooth one!  Not a lot of singing/rapping but some dope beats to spark up a hookah and relax to!  Grab a drink and something to smoke and unwind to this week’s mix!

Adapt - The Kooks
Guerrier - Costa Joe
Redbone (Twenty Weeks Edit) - Childish Gambino
Magnolia - Hazy Year
Fresh - Bret James
Come Over (It’s Been Too Long) - Mitch Geist
I Know w/ EDP - Ordnry Yngstr
Colors - EL
Jazz Party - Jazz Spastiks
License To Chill - Brock Berrigan
Charm w/ max fry - 92elm
Right or Wrong - Dr Mad
Without Boundaries - Hanz
The Way I See Ya - Konane
Lookalive - EKANY
Bad Luv - ELIESG
Pay Day - Wize
— Mix Tracks