The Cloud Sessions Episode 73

I apologize for missing last week.  Honestly...I wasn't feeling the mix.  Tracks were ok, but didn't really flow and then I got busy in my week.  It happens sometimes!  This week I am making it up with a DOOOOPE Hour Long Mix!!  Press Play and share it with your friends!  Check our shop for our NEW Funky Bear Crew Tee's!  Pick one up today!

Doozey ft. Stanley Ipkuss - snk∆
Look Alive - jrco gco
Stay (ft. Julia Lostrom) - Notpil
E. Broad St. [Prod. DJ Harrison] - Fly Anakin.
3 Am in Brooklyn - K, Le Maestro
Hold the Nine Straight - jarjarjr
Relajarse - Tomcbumpz
Shining - Blunted (Instrumental) - Blunted Beatz
Joan of Arc. - Barnes Blvd.
Mango ft. Safe Travel - Handbook
The Crown - Oli Hannaford
Worst Mistake - Park Bird
Crash (prod. Noah Barer & Austin Tecks) - Matthew Chaim
Oh My f/Burna Boy & Sango - Anik Khan
Touch Of A Woman - Pure Colors
Spotlight (Ft Lucile) - HOLOW
Starlet - Sin
Sneakers - M-Cubed
Halloween feat. Jay Squared & Tola - Autumn Keys
Crew’tons - KMBYoung (ft. Flamingosis) - Ian Ewing
For the Ladies - snctm.
Sunny w/Pandrezz - J’san
— Mix Tracks