The Cloud Sessions Episode 66

Happy Thursday everyone! I apologize for the late show this week.  I recorded it yesterday but my computer was giving me a few issues so I had to re-record it today!  Beyond the computer issues though the show has some heat on it!  New Masego, QSTN and an incredible Latin vibe to close out from Smooth Operator 3000!  Hope you guys enjoy the show!

How Do I Say Your Name? - MadBliss
Twotwos - Ksana
I Fall Apart (Sofasound CozyFlip) - Sofasound
FloFilz x Psalm Trees - Smooth Wit Any Groove
Late Night Lovin’ You (w/ SwuM. & Late Night Radio) - Flamingosis
Soulful - L’indécis
Separate - 92elm
Queen Tings - Masego
All Mine - QSTN
Remember - Moose Dawa
Truly Lifted - Engelwood
T h i r t y_ m g [filmtabletten] - Sycho Gast
Keep Up Wimmi - Zilo
Staniel - Tough Junkie
Back on Tracks - Verbz & Mr. Slipz
Bedroom Boogie - Falcxne
Minaloka [NFS.S0209] - NAS kLap
Late - Geronimus Brothers
La Malanga - Smooth Operator 3000
— Mix Tracks