The Cloud Sessions Episode 89

A lot of openness happened and is happening this week!  First off shout out to everyone who came by to Havana Nights on Sat at Spliff’s Gastropub!  What a dope vibe and incredible night!  This Friday we are back at Spliff’s for Hip Hop & Hookah with Al Pete and his album release!  Come check it out!  Dope tunes on this episode!  Check out the Outkast Elevators Remix by Junior State!  Two Thumbs Up!

Idyll ft. Paaus - Mir
Elevate(16) - Nepado
That’s Right // More Than That [for 10k] - Eiiwun.
Better For Me - Korey Wade
Elevators [Me & You] (Junior State Remix) - Outkast
Hug - Joey Pecoraro
Honesty - Tera Kòrá
BIll’s Laundrette - Natty Reeves
Fall Down - Ian Ewing x Akinyemi
Hopeful - Handbook
Like The Song Seem - MOKA ONLY
Nebki - نبكي - El 3ou - العُ
You Turned On Me - Simber
One Thing - Soho
Walk on By - Omar
Love - CrazyJaZz
— Mix Tracks (Track - Artist)