The Cloud Sessions Episode 45

Happy Hump Day Everyone!  Hopefully you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend!  If you are in the Jacksonville area remember tonight is Art Walk Wed!  Make your way downtown for Art Walk!  If you know anything about the Lyricist Live remember it is being held in The Planetarium at MOSH!

This week's Flavor of the week comes from Fumari again!  They have a Blackberry you need to try out!  Taste is and give us your thoughts!  Thanks for all the support!  If you want to support the show financially please visit our Shop HERE and purchase one of our SoundCloud Session "Pushing Positivity" Tee's!  They are only $15!  You can always do a donation below as well!

Fly Away - MAXGONΖ
Leavin’ - Philanthrope
Everybody Knows - Slwmo ft. Marie
Late Jun - BesideZion
Unfadeable - Toj
Footsteps - Daily Holla Feta J Fitz
Love It - Didi Crazzz
Aura Stir (Raindrops) - Yinka Bernie
M o m e n t | O f | L o v e - CRW
Nothn2free - B. Cool-Aid
It’s Our Last Chance - Handbook
Earl (Dilla Cover) -SWARVY
Keep It Going - xPanda
Apex - Shuhandz & High Flown
Never - 92elm
Want You w/ ||DILIP|| & KEV - Yugi Boi
Sequences - Go Yama
— Mix Tracks