The Cloud Sessions Episode 48

A little late with this week's Episode!  I have been busy and on the move so I apologize for my tardiness however this episode has some FLAVOR on it!  This week I had the chance to feat Seattle Producer Diogenes on the Video Portion of this show!  He came in town for the weekend to perform and I had the chance to feature him on The SoundCloud Show doing a beat set!  Check the episode out HERE on my Facebook Page!  

In the video you will see me puffing on some White Lotus from Fantasia, a delicious blend of Honey Dew Melon, Star Fruit, Citrus and Coconut Milk!  It's super smooth and extremely delicious!  Give it a try and let us know how you like it!

Lowkey Alcoholic - Kai Mella
Higher - Jasu
Fast Forward Prod by MNDSGN & DJ Harrison - Ivan Ave
Convoluted Ft. Still Haze - Max Fry
Classic - South Vibe
Sunflower - 2eye◔
Fushou - ill’Scott
Dear Love - Aeson
Des Brennan - Trials Prod. by Vanilla
Soliloquy Ft. K the Infinite - HobbesDuende
Bunte Hunde - Omaure
You Should Know - KenKen KillT iT
Didi Crazzz - Le Temps Passe
So Fine feat Handbook - Mecca:83
Push - Indigo Blak
In Memory Ft. Dreamchild - MadBliss
— Mix Tracks