The Cloud Sessions Episode 47

Power is back on and we are up and running here at Hip Hop and Hookah!  Hopefully everyone affected by last weeks storm has recovered and you are back to 100%!  This weekend is Nas & Lauren Hill if you are in the Jax area!  Looking forward to that show!  Also in the Jax area just announced is Blu & Exile with Cashus King aka CO$$ in November at Jack Rabbits!  Tickets are $10 in advance on their site, so be sure to go grab those!!  Stay Blessed Everyone!  Peace!

Patience - Keem
Mask Off (bump) - Eugene Cam 2
El Que Se Fu - Amber Haze
Whatajob - eu-IV
Always (feat. EZRA, Pryanka) - Greybox
That Dream - Billy the Kid
Trash//Worth instrumental - Sugiwa
Lavender - Robot Orchestra
Illbap - Lo.Firec
i made this today. - Ordnry Yngstr
Ame - konteks
Slow Wave -Souletiquette.
Fun. - Whereisalex
Catch Me in the Circuit City Hat - Sleepy Dan
Ragtop. - Aixion
Get on Dawn. - Igory
Gostoso No Chao - Stripes
Bemygirl Feat. Ordnry Yngstr - Exyle
Confliction - Whysp. - KAYLOO
— Mix Tracks