The Cloud Sessions Episode 38 feat Versailles The Everything

This week I had the chance to sit down and speak with the extremely talented Versailles The Everything!  I have played a few tracks from her most recent album Currently in the past few episodes!  Listen in to the interview and be sure to check out her SOUNDCLOUD Page!!

(Mix 1)
Bad Behaviour - [ K S R ]
92elm - All For Me
Fragile. - Too Much To Ask For
How Far (Prod. Wu-Lu + Reiss G)
Coubo - Night Walk
Kelfto - Biz
Didi Crazzz - The BoSsa
KUPLA - Fell in Love in a Dream
Quietpoet - Insert
SkyBlew & SublimeCloud - Speak That Breeze
360° - OTESLA ⚘⚘

Versailles The Everything Interview

(Mix 2)
Monsoons - Handbook
Kelfto - ReppTheReal
Sorceress - Jordan Rakei
Customz (ft Bibi Bourelly) [Prod. Astronote]
A New Me - Micah Xavier Jones
— Mix Tracks