The Cloud Sessions Episode 27

This has been a very dope and productive week for myself and The Cloud Sessions!  Recently I was featured with my homie Nick Fresh on a podcast called The Short Box!  Focusing mainly on Comic Book Culture they sometimes include Musical Guests and Nick Fresh and I were their guests this week discussing DJ culture!  The Episode is awesome and funny and I'm sure you will dig it so check it out and tell them Mas sent ya!  

If you live in Jax or the surrounding area then you might be familiar with the Hip Hop festival Summertime in the City!  If not this is the 10th year it has happened and you don't want to miss it!  The date has been announced as Aug 12th and will be held as a block party in front of 1904 downtown!  Go to to learn more!

Last and not least I have started streaming a version of the podcast when I DJ on Tuesday nights at CASK called SoundCloud Sessions!  You can tune in and see me live in action, chat with me and get entered to win cool prizes during the show!  Check my Facebook Page out HERE and tune in Every Tuesday at 9PM EST to tune in Live with me!  Like the Page and stay in the loop about events, podcasts and other cool things I have going on!

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Stripes & Jay Swank - Can You Feel
Tentacle - Nite Alley
Sage Kyote - No Diggity (Prod. squid ethics x jhfly)
Whoeva - Sarah
Handbook - Summer Evening
STRIPES - La Vie En Rose
Chuk Le Garcon - Lust for you long [Medeetayshun]
Wavy Bagels - Bad and Boujee Remix
Craig - Bukeye Bounce feat Pinstrype Kouzin
Marco Polo - P’s And Q’s Remix (Instrumental)
Blunted Beatz - Let’s Live
Simple Complexity - Walking In
d’Jawnz - Bad Things
Laster - Sakura
Daft Odist - Food for Thought
— Mix Tracks