The Cloud Sessions Episode 53

This week’s mix is dedicated to a friend who’s ear I respect so much!  I was under the weather and they sent an onslaught of tracks that were just what the doctor ordered!  Some super throw backs and just great chill tracks to vibe to!  Shout out to BDR for making my day better and for such great tracks!  Hopefully this mix gives you the same great vibes it gave me! 

Enjoy If you are in Jax and want to try some of the flavors that I describe in the show, I will have a Hip Hop and a hookah tent set up at The Porchfest in Springfield this Sat!  I will be at the Soul Porch from 11AM to 10 PM, located on the corner or 4th and Main Street!  It’s free to come hang out!  Come see us!!

Can’t Sleep - Snow Garden
Ordinary Heart - Emily King
Sounds to Smoke To Track 01 - High Eyes
Go - OTESLA ⚘⚘
The Voyage - Tony Tritone
Blue World - Billinski
Stop This Train - Oshi
Left Alone - Seneca B
Chinatown Spirits - Hazy Memories
Ready 2 Go - Tiffany Gouché
Twinkle Twinkle - Tom Misch
Departure - Kodak To Graph
Blue - Willow Beats
Weight In Gold {Ta-ku Remix} - Gallant
I Don’t Sell Molly No More {Dream Panther Remix} - iloveMakonnen
When You Talk To Me {feat DAR} - Seawash
Lion’s Mane w/Dirg Gerner - Flako
Tuesday - Tennyson x Mr Carmack - JNTHN STEIN Remix
Outlines - Seinabo Sey
Sorrow Never Too Far - Sorrow
At The River - Groove Armada
Water Everywhere {Sandman_Remux} - NIkkoGray & Spacekid
— Mix Tracks