The Cloud Sessions Episode 11

Episode 11

The Blend of the Week is "Pillow Talk" a 50/50 mixture of Al Fakah's Blueberry Mint and Jasmine!
The Backdrop Album come from Recon Halcyon and is titled Sleepy Lounge Vol 3.  Listen HERE

Illmimd - Prometheus
Cap 6 - “Pioneering” ft. Omega Crimson and Intricate
Noble Oak - Walk On Me
The Love Below - Sharpsound - Diggin You
Silo - Discovery
EKANY - Work (Ft. Patchwork)
Boyan - Feelin` It
Enoq - Raus Aus Meinem Kopf (feat. Yassin)
— Mix 1
Folkestladd - Siracha
Aloha Juice & Tim Legend - Blossom feat Abbi Press
VBND - Trying to Forget
Creepa - Anata
MORE // NIGHT - Japanese
JEA - Inside Out
Khary - Find Me (prod. by Lege Kale)
BASECAMP - Mara (YDG Remix)
In Love With A Ghost - Sorry for not answering the phone, i’m too busy trying to fly away
Maya the Magi - In & Out of 333 Prod P. Morris
— Mix 2