The Cloud Sessions Episode 15

So we have been on HELLA Hiatus!  Between Events and Surgeries, Mas Appeal & Ill Clinton have been hard to catch up with!  While this may be the case, we have not forgotten the Cloud Sessions.  This episode is a mix from Mas Appeal dubbed Lazy Daze but he kept in mind that it could be a good fit for the Cloud Sessions, so we are posting it here as well!  ENJOY the mix and expect new TCS Episodes coming soon!

1. Change - by Mr. Robot
2. YDU - by Opia
3. When Thugs Cry - by Fly Anakin & Concept Jack$on [prod. foisey]
4. Shine - by Eeves
5. Just the Two of Us(hdlnds remix)- by Lexi and Chase
6. Solitude - by Nymano
7. Thunder Feat. Lord Laville (Faded Remix)- by Ash Walker Music
8. I Wish - by Tom Misch
9. Koi Carp - by Handbook
10. Let The Jazz Ride - by GlobulDub
11. Untitled - by ASO
12. Youandewan ‘4D Anxiety’ - by AUSMUSIC
13. Get Lost Feat. Regis Molina - by JuJu Rogers & Bluestaeb
14. Some Love (ft. Jackson Breit // Prod. heyitsvidi) - by William⚡Bolton
15. Wreckless In Love w/ SIKIN - by M³
16. Is It You - by NOVAA
17. Gassed - by Weslee
18. Photosynthesis (Feat. Jean Deaux) [Prod. by Phoelix and Saba] - by SABA
— Mix Tracks