The Cloud Sessions Episode 7 Feat Mr. Al Pete

Happy New Year!  ill Clinton is on vacation so we brought Mr. Al Pete onto the show to help co-host this episode!  We talk to him about upcoming events he is putting together and he lays down a funky mix for you to groove to!  Check it out!

Freddie Joachim - This World- Cadillacs
Murs & 9th - The Battle
BlueStab - Yap
Clear Soul Forces - Get no better
Batsauce feat Willie Evans Jr - Where you been at
Tennyson - For you
Tomimonsta - I’m waiting
Kalev - Cruising
Ekany & Patchwork - Like I love you
— Mas Mix
Air - Le Femme d’argent
D’Angelo - Really Love
Nicolay The Chase
Camp Lo - Life I Love
Joel. (aka MaG) - ...and the beat goes
Stuyvesants - Greene Avenue
Tall Black Guy - Rain Into the Nite Outro
Soul II Soul - Jazzie Groove
— Al Pete Mix