Groove Suite Podcast: Episode 8: Trü.ski the Transmitter

A special show we have here! Mr. Al Pete catches up lightly with his...uncle...Trü.ski! They chop and stew some food and conversations up! He also speaks on his EXCLUSIVE project that's in the link below for you to download: 'Flōt = Luxury Jeep Music'!

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Trü.ski - Land of Longing feat. Benazir Bhutto
Darien Brockington - Fashionista
Tasha LaRae - Find My Way
Darien Brockington - Listen
Trü.ski - Sexy feat. Africa

Guest Groove - Trü.ski - Wizard Of Oz Prototype (W.O.O.P.)

Trü.ski - Time For That
Tasha LaRae - Breathe
Zion I - So Tall (remix…and released by Spitkicker)

Flōt = Luxury Jeep Music (Exclusive Download Link)…