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What’s up Hip Hop & Hookah Fam?

I had something totally different planned for this week’s Mid-Week Musing, but an important cause that’s close to my heart presented itself and I know I need to take this opportunity to share it.

Many of us in the Duval Hip Hop community have been touched by the very sad news about our brother in rhyme, Paten Locke. He has been a pillar on our scene and beyond for many, many years. A veritable living legend, he has made his mark in Hip Hop history, so when he publicly broke the news about the aggressive health battle he’d been fighting, it shook the city.

On July 5th, in his own unwavering and casual way, he announced on Facebook that he had stage 4 cancer “littered throughout his body” and followed the declaration immediately with positive affirmations and an unbelievable amount of resolve.

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 10.57.49 PM.png

The outpouring of love and support that followed was overwhelming - and it hasn’t slowed yet. To see how many lives have been touched by this upbeat, insanely talented, and generous soul is truly inspiring.

As tragic as the news and situation may currently be, we don’t yet know how this story will end. Daisey Traynham - aka Lady Daisey - of FullPlateFam has organized a Go Fund Me - Planet Locke Fund - in an effort to support him and his loved ones and make his time as comfortable as possible for as long as he’s still with us (and we really, really hope it’s a long, long while…)

Click the image to donate to the fundraiser 💙💙💙

Click the image to donate to the fundraiser 💙💙💙

Please give whatever you can to help reach this fundraising goal. And please share this link to help spread the word and grow support.

To know Paten is to love him. I wish I’d had the opportunity to know him sooner, but I am grateful for the small amount of time that I’ve been able to call him a friend. It was my absolute honor to interview and profile him earlier this year and share his accomplishments and legacy with an audience to whom he was mostly unfamiliar.

If you know him and you’ve yet to connect with him or you hadn’t heard the news, make time to reach out to him. Let him know how much love and support he has out here. In the words of Lady Daisey: “Support his music, buy his albums, cop his tapes, rock his shirts... give Paten Locke some shine!”

We at Hip Hop & Hookah are praying for you, pulling for you, sending you all the good vibes we can gather, and we want you to know how much you mean to all of us. We love you P!

Visit  to buy merch and listen to his music

Visit to buy merch and listen to his music

PLEASE donate to this worthy cause - every little bit helps!

Until next time, Loves. Stay elevated 💙

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