Che's Wrecka Stow

My whole life, I’ve always loved music. There was always a song that resonated with me through many of life’s wild rides — happiness, fear, empowerment, beauty, pain — there’s always a song. Soundtracks are so essential to the energy of our lives; they give us energy to get through it all. From feeling like a Queen because of Lizzo, to feeling like a rebel because of Bob Marley, I like to think that music still has the power to shape and mold our daily life - to tell our stories and polish our moods when we just don’t know how. I’m a creator forever, but a fan first and I got it all. From new songs, deep cuts, cult classics, this is my space to share with you my musical discoveries. In honor of my favorite artist ever to grace my ears, I welcome you all to Che’s Wrecka Stow.

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