Just Like Me Camp Lunch Campaign

I always have a lot going on and I hit you guys with a lot of flyers every week but one of my favorite things that I am involved in is the summer program called "Just Like Me". The 3 week program allows me to build with "At Risk" Teens in Foster Care and teach them how to talk about issues they may be having through music! This will be my third year doing it and I couldn't be more excited!

Unfortunately the person who provides the lunch for the program has fallen ill and will not be able to provide meals for the program this year so I am reaching out to all my friends and asking for help! We need to feed 25 kids lunch for 12 days! I know some of these days are already covered by other generous donors but if you can help in anyway your help would be GREATLY appreciated!

If you have a professional kitchen and can provide lunch for one day for these kids I will interview your company, put your Logo on my site and on all of my flyer for a whole month. I am willing to trade my DJ Services for companies to feed these kids or for donations that would cover a day of feeding them! We need roughly $1000 or about $125 a day for two 4 day weeks (Unless a Restaurant can donate a days lunch). We are not looking to wine and dine the kids, we just need to provide them with fuel to keep them going in our very active program! All Donations are welcomed and appreciated. Please click below to Donate! Thank you for all that you do!

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Check out this Montage of the 2018 Just Like Me Camp!! You can see that it really does mean a lot to these kids!