New Label/New Project - Chris Rivers

Many of us have felt the pressure of growing up to be successful in our family’s profession. When you father is a Hip Hop Legend, the shoes are sometimes tough to fill! Christopher Rios, the youngest son of the Late and Great ‘Big Pun’ (The one and only son of Tony…Montana) has been professionally filling the shoes of his father for roughly 7 years now, but it’s never been his ultimate goal. He started his career as Baby Pun, a name that showed the gratitude and love a son would to his father, but shortly after changed his name simply to his legal name “Chris Rivers”.

Chris’s mission has never been to emulate his fathers work, but but more so keep it alive through his own style and sound and while you might catch a flare of Pun in Chris’s smile or cadence, his music truly is his own with a sound that is fresh, unique and refreshing for those Hip Hop Heads looking for that up and coming underground sound!

Rivers recently signed to Mellow Music Group! A label with an abundance of talent to include: Oddissee, Mr. Lif, L’ Orange, Georgia Ann Muldrow & Many More! The deal ushers in a new album that releases on August 16th, titled G.I.T.U.!


“G.I.T.U., is an acronym for Greatest In The Universe and the name of my upcoming project. I feel it’s a title that fully encompasses the feel of this body of work, cause it traverses my mental state, life experiences, loves had and lost, stories and my overcoming of obstacles both external and internal while learning to love myself and becoming the best version of who I could be. Both as a person, and as an artist, this record breaks through the boundaries of my personal limitations. Everyone’s world is their own, everyone has their own universe that they are in control of, and in mine , I’m undoubtably The GITU."

Check out the single “Sincerely Me” and be sure to check for the album, which is available for Pre Sale now on Mellow Music Groups Site!

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