Singles, Streams, Salsa, & Summertime!

What's up, Fam?! Hope you had a great weekend! It's officially Summer (though it's felt like Summer since March here in Florida, amirite?!) and we've got some exciting new things going on in Duval and at Hip Hop & Hookah and I'm here to catch you up!

Singles: Beautiful by The Katz Downstairz

If you've been in Duval for any amount of time over the past few years, you surely must have seen or at least heard of The Katz by now. If you haven't, you have missed A LOT, but this is as good a time as any to get on board!

Native to Duval, The Katz have been killing the live music scene in Jacksonville since the Summer of 2010. With a powerhouse of wide ranging musical talent, The Katz have a sound and a live show unlike any other in Jax. Their weekly "Live Basement Party" events have drawn a consistent and ever-growing following that has long become a fiercely loyal fanbase. Until this year, the band's repertoire has consisted of mostly covers - but their show doesn't have your typical "cover band" vibe. Where other bands belt out tried and true versions of other artists songs, the Katz present cleverly arranged and skillfully executed performances that feel more like homage than ho-hum.

Image Credit: HiDef Pixel

Image Credit: HiDef Pixel

They've represented the city during many high profile events including, but not limited to, the inaugural OneSpark event (where they famously shut down Laura Street), several features during First Wednesday ArtWalk in Downtown Jacksonville (causing more traffic jams), and the nationally recognized Jacksonville Jazz Festival - their first of which was so highly buzzed about that people were leaving other stages featuring internationally acclaimed artists to pack into the Jacksonville Landing to catch a glimpse. (Were they shutting down traffic that go round? Only if you count the boats pulling up to dock behind the Landing stage for a look and a listen). And what other local band do you know of that has their own line dance? (It's called the KatWalk and it's lit..)

The point is, The Katz are dope and after a bit of a wait and a few shifts and growing pains, they've finally kicked things up several notches by creating and producing their own original tracks. With a handful of strong, unique songs, the band has begun to slowly release their original music and their first single, Beautiful, dropped on Saturday, June 23rd. The song is soulful, encouraging, uplifting, powerful and positive. It's a social commentary that is much needed right now in music. Fusing rap, jazz, hip hop and soul, the track is smooth and, well... Beautiful.

I've been a fan since before day one (I was there when the band formed in that garage in San Marco years ago), and this song has reignited the flame of excitement in my heart for my Katz, and I know many other fans are feeling the same way. The song is currently available for download on CDBaby and will soon be available on iTunes and other streaming services as well. Please show your support for our Duval bred Katz by purchasing the track and be sure to follow them on their social media outlets as well as their website.


Streams: Hop and Hookah's 5o'clock Ride Out!

Another dope launch from last week that you may have missed - Hip Hop and Hookah now has a LIVE STREAMING radio show! It's the 5 o’clock Ride Out with our homie Mas Appeal and it goes down every Tuesday and Friday from 5 - 6:30pm! 90 minutes of pure, classic, and new school hip hop for your earholes thats free to listen to from ANYWHERE! Download the Proof Radio App or listen online! Both broadcasts precede Mas's weekly events - Tuesday's SoundCloud Sessions and Fridays titular Hip Hop & Hookah, each of which take place at Spliff's Gasropub in Downtown Jax and are free to attend!


Coming Soon: Havana Nights at Spliffs

In case you haven't been able to tell from my heavily Latin music laden playlists, I LOVE all forms of Latin music from salsa to bachata, samba to chacha, and reggaeton to Brazil funk. So you KNOW I'm excited about THIS shit right here! Starting Friday, June 29th, Mas Appeal presents Havana Nights from 9 - 1am at Spliff's Gasropub! Come dance your nalgas off to salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, baile funk and more! There's NO COVER and the libations will be flowing from Spliff's newly opened patio bar. This is set to be a monthly Friday night event so mark your calendars and bring your asses!

Summa Summa Summatime! 

What's this?! Along with all of this dope ass information I also have a playlist for you?? I must really love you guys! ^_^  I actually do and I hope you enjoy this week's playlist. Inspired by my Spotify Summer Rewind playlist, I put together some of my favorite cuts from my most rotated tracks of last Summer. (Okay I did add a couple more recent tracks... I couldn't help myself.) Enjoy this throwback vibe until we meet again!

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