Black Magic 2: Return of the Black Hipster


On Saturday, May 19th, Black Magic 2: Live Art Museum, presented by iSupport Dreams, Inc., will take place at Wonderland Jax from 7:30 to 11pm and will feature various Black and Brown painters, dancers, poets, fashion designers, musicians, and business owners.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to sit down with one of the facilitators of the event, Tiffney Funches, and get some insight on the origins of the event and the iSupport Dreams, Inc. non-profit organization.

Founded in 2013, iSupport Dreams has been on a mission to provide a platform for Black business as well as providing a safe haven for Black Youth in our community while focusing on giving back to our youth and providing support for those with an interest in the arts. In 2016, Jerry Brown, a youth mentor associated with the organization, was fatally shot and by an unnamed teenager. This tragic event became the catalyst for the inaugural Black Magic event held last year in 2017. Far exceeding the expectations of Tiffney and her fellow organizers (all of whom are Queens. Read: Strong Black Women), the event was a massive success with attendance reaching upwards of 200 people. This year the bar has been raised and aspirations are higher as all proceeds will go toward solidifying the organization's 501(C)(3).

Black Hipster, Larry UnitB Key - His favorite word is  tittynope . Yes it's an actual word. Look it up.

Black Hipster, Larry UnitB Key - His favorite word is tittynope. Yes it's an actual word. Look it up.

This year's theme is The Return of the Black Hipster, and one of the featured Artists fully personifies the appellation. Larry UnitB Key, a brilliant local Photographer, Hip Hop & Hookah regular, and my friend, is as quirky as they come. If you've ever met Larry, you know interacting with him is always quite an experience. He speaks with a measured thoughtfulness that immediately captivates and almost always results in a bizarre thought, random dance move, or a gut busting laugh. However, when it comes to his work, his talent is undeniable. Sparked, one day, by a passing interest in photography, he purchased a Nikon camera with a standard kit and lens from the pawn shop at which he was working. With no real experience or training, he started taking photos and experimenting with imagery. Now, 9 years or so later, he's known for his candid street images and amazing event photography. He's one of the most unique eyes in the city in my opinion, and I'm really excited to see the work he'll be featuring at the event.

Support for the Arts as well as support for the Black and Brown community in this city is finally beginning to flourish and organizations like iSupport Dreams, Inc., events like Black Magic, and artists like Larry are bringing people together while advocating for positive progress. Let's show our support by attending this incredible event and helping to raise money and awareness for progress. Admission is only $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Save the Date and click the links below for more information.

Black Magic 2: Live Art Museum - Event Page

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