Hip Hop & Hookah Turns 5!!

Do what you Love....and you’ll never work a day in your life!
— Confucius

Truer words have never been spoken!  It has been 5 years of dope hip hop hookah, shows, parties and most importantly friends!  The amount of time and effort poured out over these weekly events has been equally met with love and support of our Family, Friends and Fans and we can't thank you guys enough!  

From the literal Streets of Downtown Jacksonville to Burro Bar, NightHawks and eventually landing at Spliff's Gastropub we have kept the party rocking!  From the Video Podcast to The Cloud Sessions and The Groove Suite we have made sure that you had jams to rock to!

We love what we do here and we hope you do too!  Every moment has been a blast.  Thanks for checking up  and coming out and rocking with us!  It truly means the world!

Help us keep the movement going!  Grab a Hip Hop & Hookah Tee today and rock it proudly!  We have an assortment of new items in our shop!  Make sure you check it out!  If you are good on gear but would still like to help, donations are always welcomed!  All funds go towards the costs production of Hip Hop & Hookah and every dollar is appreciated!  Cheers everyone and here's to another 5 years!!


Can't leave without shamelessly plugging an extraordinary event we are hosting tonight!!  Michael Jackson vs. Prince...Silent Disco!  It's going down tonight at 1904 Music Hall!  Two incredible DJ's go head to head playing nothing but classic tracks from two of music's icons!    Come celebrate with us!  Click the flyer or HERE for more information and to get your tickets!