ChillHop Essentials Fall 2018

If you follow The Cloud Sessions with Mas Appeal, (here on HH&H) then you've probably heard some of the soothing chill beats I play. Well, allow me to introduce you to the Chill Mecca!!

ChillHop Records is a label based out of Rotterdam, Netherlands and has been pushing Producers with a “Chill” or “Lo-Fi” focus on beats for quite some time now!

I was first introduced to the label through SoundCloud where they host and share like minded artists along with their own original tracks. Names like Biocratic, Ian Ewing, ASO & Seneca B quickly became household names for me. I'd play them in my Mixes and put my friends onto them. These were regular producers they pushed (and still do!).

In 2014, ChillHop started producing “Chill Mix Tapes”, where they would feature a line up of Producer’s Beats for consumers to check out.  Later in 2016 they started calling those Mix Tapes "ChillHop Essentials". They come out once a quarter and you can find them on Soundcloud or on their site.  Released at the top of each season, they're accompanied by incredible art work created by Mauro Martins

Their latest release “ChillHop Essentials Fall 2018” features some pretty notable producers with some pretty Chill Beats!   Press play below or check them out on SoundCloud or Spotify!  Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, relax, and enjoy!!