LONEgevity - “Dillatape”

It’s February and that means in the Hip Hop World that it’s Dilla Month! We see mixes and remix albums throughout the month in tribute to the late great J-Dilla from small to big names producers and DJ’s in the industry. This week Indianapolis Native ‘LONEgevity’ released “Dilla Tape” a beat tape he put together in the span of two weeks while working on a Sample flip Contest for BDTB that OSE (Old Soul Entertainment) is hosting in February.

For the contest, BDTB shared 14 samples that Dilla used throughout his career. Producers were tasked with flipping one of the samples for a future compilation.

”It just so happened that I've been experimenting with Ableton effects and sounds, and this was a good way to combine celebrating Dilla while trying some new things out. Instead of making one beat, I made 10”

The project is hosted on his Bandcamp Page and is free to download but “Not Free to Rap On”!  The beats are dope and you can definitely hear the Dilla influence and samples in them.  He includes the samples used on his bandcamp page which hosts 10 of the 11 songs on the project!  There is a bonus remix track you get with the download!  Give it a listen/download and tell us your thoughts!  Happy Dilla Month!