Hip Hop & Hookah and The Cloud Sessions Invade Art Walk

Tomorrow Hip Hop & Hookah Showcases its new Audio Spinoff Podcast “The Cloud Sessions”!  We want to get you guys acclimated with who we are and what we do!  We are going to have a mini hookah lounge set up!  $5 gets you a tip so you can enjoy all the flavors that we will have on deck! 


So we will be hosting a couple of tournaments to keep you guys entertained while you vibing out with us!  The first one will be a FIFA 15 tourney and the 2nd one will be Mortal Kombat!  These are starting early because we are only in the spot until 9!  So with that said we are going to have the signup sheet here for you to sign up!  YOU MUST CHECK IN 10 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE TOURNAMENT!  We just need to make sure you are in the building and ready to play!  We will be giving away prizes! You could win a Hookah Tip, Section 904 will be in the building with Shirts for the winners, A pint on us (Age appropriate Pint that is!), a WU Print and basically whatever cool stuff we can find to throw out to you guys!

We kick off tomorrow at 6 at 1904!  See you all there!

Sign Up Form!  Choose 1 or Both Tournaments to Play in!

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Tournament One 6:30
Which Game do you want to be Signed Up For? You Can do one or both!
Tournament Two 7:30
Which Game do you want to be Signed Up For? You Can do one or both!