"The Trill is Gone" BB King Meets UGK

If you are unfamiliar with Amerigo Gazaway then this should come as a great treat for you!  The Nashville native has been actively producing for roughly 5 years and has mastered the art of skillfully blending classic soulful artists with today's hip hop greats.  For instance,  Yasiin Gaye...a collection of Marvin Gaye inspired beats remixed perfectly to Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) tracks!  This time with "The Trill is Gone" he takes the Blues Legend BB King and matches his sample inspired beats to UGK!

Crafting the album’s bedrock from deconstructed samples of King’s electric blues hits, Gazaway re-imagined what might have happened had King and UGK actually recorded in the same time and space. Tapping UGK historian and documentary film maker, Sama’an Ashrawi, for unreleased interview audio, the producer cleverly uses the soundbites to help build his project’s narrative. Strategically looping and lacing Lucille’s guitar licks and B.B.’s road tales with Bun B & Pimp C’s southern fried storytelling, Gazaway finds a sweet spot in the overlapping themes of his subjects’ respective catalogs.
— Soul Mate Records

We don't think it could be explained any better!  Give it a listen below and if you dig it, download it...for FREE!  That's right!  All of these releases are free to download!  So if you are new to Amerigo go ahead and stack up on his clever remix albums...spark up a hookah and ENJOY!!