Art Walk Tonight!

LE GRAND JEU : "Doors of perception"
An IEMZA & MTO collaboration project sponsored by "BMG graphic design",
Alias Brice MARTIN-GRASER (picture model)
"Le grand jeu" ( the big game ) is the name of an artistical movement and
a review created in Reims (France) between 1928 & 1932.

Tonight is Art Walk and we will be out and about checking out some of Jacksonville's Finest Art Displays!  We will cruise through MOCA, The Downtown Cigar Lounge, Hemming Plaza, Mal Jones' Lyricist Live Event and more!  Find us at one of these spots and come do a drop for us that we can use on our next Podcast! 

Art Walk is the first Wed of Every month and goes on from 5 to 9 Pm!  If you have never been to Art Walk we suggest visiting and checking out the Map of events going on at this months Art Walk.  It also gives you ideas on where to park, a list of Venues as well as Artists participating in this month's event!  See you tonight!