Hip Hop & Hookah is Live!!


Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome to the new Hip Hop & Hookah Website!  We have been working diligently to get this up and running for you and hope you enjoy the new website! With the launch of the .com we also have a brand new podcast we are premiering this Friday, titled Hip Hop & Hookah!  

The Site/Podcast's primary focus will be on Hip Hop & Hookah Topics (Obviously), but mostly with a Independant Hip Hop reach.  Our goal is to find the good artists that you may not be aware of and shed some light on them and projects they have in the works.  For instance the first episode features an interview from Daryl of ND 20/20 and their brand new album "Blood Sweat & Beers"

We will also be reviewing Hookah Products.  Anything from Shisha, New Hookah's, Accessories and more!  We will have a weekly segment called "Blend of the Week", which will feature the ingredients and technique on to make a shisha Blend accompanied by a DJ Mix, for you to listen to while you try out the blend!  Blends will also be available pre-made for purchase in our Online Store!


We want this to be an interactive and community site.  Our blog will be updated consistently with Reviews, New Music, Events and More.  Please stop by and chime in and give us your thoughts on some of the topics in our blog!

We appreciate you Checking out the New Hip Hop & Hookah Website!  Please take a moment to visit our social sites and sign up for our mailing list!  Also, be sure to stop by our store and pick up one of our new Logo Tees!  Have a Safe and Happy New Year and we look forward to working with everyone in 2015!